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About Us

"Zharf Sanat Iranian" was established in 2008 with the aim of promoting and improving the supply chain of textile industry complementaries, focusing on the import and distribution of textile dye materials from international reputable manufacturers.
With a experienced team of textile experts, with many years of active presence in this industry and great trading records, and with the presence of reputable domestic and foreign partners, this group has focused his activities on providing the highest quality products and services in the shortest time with the most reasonable price.
The main products of the Zharf Sanat Iranian are a wide range of disperse, reactive, cationic and acidic dyes, which are supplied from the most reputable manufacturing companies in China and India, and are carefully monitored by experts in textile engineering and using Advanced laboratory equipment will be checked and verified before being provided to customers.
Zhejiang Runtu Co., the major trading partner of Zharf Sanat Iranian, is the largest dyestuff manufacturer and supplier of textile products in China. This great company is recognized as one of the main suppliers of textile complementaries around the world. With the acquisition of the know-how of the Yorkshire Corporation and with the possession of advanced production equipment and laboratories, Runtu Corporation manufactures its products in accordance to European standards.
The special focus and deep belief of Zharf Sanat Iranian is on maintaining, consolidating and developing lasting relationships with respectable customers through the provision of desirable services based on long-term cooperation based on honesty and mutual trust.

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